Does Your Firm Need a Business Makeover?

Most people understand the concept of a makeover. It is the type of thing we see on TV most days: a family invites a team of professionals into their home to redesign rooms or sort out the garden. Or, a person lacking in self esteem has extensive plastic surgery and is unveiled to an audience of family and friends with a fabulous new look. Sounds great, yes? Well of course it does, but what happens if your business needs a makeover – where on earth do you begin?


If you have been in business for a while, it is likely that things have settled into a routine. You probably have a website up and running, regular customers know where to find you, and you have a marketing strategy in place. However, after several years of rapid grown and expansion, perhaps things have slowed down and it’s becoming more difficult to attract new business. Or, maybe you don’t feel as if your brand is quite right for your chosen niche. Either way, it is time to make some changes.

Look at Company Branding

Brand is an essential part of any business. It is what makes your business stand out from similar businesses and, hopefully, persuades customers your products and services are better. Ideally, as a business develops, brand is something that grows, too. As time passes, customers come to recognise your brand and therefore changing it could be a disaster for the business.

For example, say you own a successful, family run retail construction company, but you are bored of constructing shopping centres and decide you want to start working in the home building sector instead. This would be a dangerous strategy because you will lose your existing customers, and if you’re your sideways move is unsuccessful, the business will die. So what’s the answer?

A complete rebranding should never be attempted unless you have carefully considered every possible ramification of the change. It is much too risky unless for whatever reason your existing business is simply not working (in this instance, a total rebranding may well be the answer).

Technology Changes

Brand is not the only area where change is possible. Technology is another sticking point for many businesses, particularly older, well established businesses. There are a number of issues that crop up in this regard. Firstly, the business may not have enough up-to-date technology to help them grow, and secondly, their employees might not have sufficient training to be able to use the technology.

Investment is Key

In both of these scenarios, some investment is called for. If existing technology and computer systems, are outdated, then new systems will be required if the business is to remain competitive. But if the problem is simply a lack of training, staff would benefit from extra training.

If you are undecided as to the future direction of your business, or you think that things could do with a shake-up, it can often be helpful to call upon the services of an external consultant who will look at your business with a fresh eye.