Facebook’s “emotion excess fat” emoticon gets a thumbs down

Facebook’s new “experience excess fat” emoticon is sparking protests.

Facebook is going through an outcry in excess of the “experience body fat” emoticon that end users can publish as element of a status update.

A group known as Endangered Bodies has started a “Excess fat is not a sensation” marketing campaign against the emoticon, and released a petition on Cost.org that has attracted a lot more than thirteen,000 signatures in two weeks.

“When Facebook ( FB , Tech30 ) users established their position to ‘feeling excess fat,’ they are generating enjoyable of individuals who take into account on their own to be over weight, which can incorporate a lot of folks with eating ailments. That is not ok,” explained Catherine Weingarten, an “Endangered Bodies” member.

“Folks use Facebook to share their feelings with friends and assist every single other,” a Fb spokesperson said. “One selection we give people to specific them selves is to include a sensation to their posts. You can select from over a hundred inner thoughts we offer dependent on people’s enter or produce your very own.”

The emoticon for “emotion body fat” is quite much similar in look to the 1 for “sensation stuffed.” Both of them are smiling, in contrast to some of of the other emoticons. The “experience fat” face is at the quite base of the emoticon listing. But the smile does nothing to mollify critics.

“We feel it encourages and supports the countless torrent of judgment and force to be ideal felt by youthful individuals throughout the planet,” explained a online video on the Endangered Bodies net website.

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