Jeff Bezos: Amazon drones will be ‘as frequent as viewing a mail truck’

Amazon asks FAA to test supply drones Amazon delivery drones are even now “several years” away, but CEO Jeff Bezos stated sometime they will be “as typical as looking at a mail truck.”

Bezos advised the Telegraph in London that the biggest hurdle Prime Air has to very clear isn’t really connected to engineering, but regulators.

He said U.K. regulators have been amongst the most accommodating to his ideas to take Amazon deliveries to the sky.

“U.K. regulatory companies have been very sophisticated” and “encouraging,” Bezos mentioned.

He included that U.S. regulators are “catching up.” The FAA mentioned in March that it would let Amazon to examination drones.

Final month, Amazon ( AMZN , Tech30 ) said it wants air space to be designated especially for business drones so it can do speedy deliveries.

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