Not every person is a enthusiast of ‘Serial’


‘Serial’ is best podcast ever

Even if you are not a huge public radio fan, you’ve got listened to all about the podcast “Serial” in the previous couple of months.

Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded the twelve episodes to listen to reporter Sarah Koenig lay out her own investigation of a murder that happened 15 years ago.

But with this kind of acceptance will come thoughts and – surprise – not everybody is this kind of a huge fan. And at the heart of some conversations is the problem of race.

The sufferer, Hae Min Lee, is the daughter of Korean immigrants. And the ex-boyfriend who is driving bars for the murder, Adnan Syed, comes from a Pakistani Muslim loved ones. Each have been seniors at a large faculty in Baltimore County, Maryland at the time. On the other hand, the reporter and her staff — producers from the present This American Existence — are white.

At the crux of the discussion is regardless of whether or not Koenig, or any white journalist, can reasonably and correctly report on individuals of other races and cultures.

  • “I am still disturbed by the believed of Koenig stomping around communities that she plainly does not understand,” wrote Jay Caspian Kang in The Axe.

Rabia Chaudry, a civil rights attorney who grew up in close proximity to Syed and tipped Koenig off to the tale, backed up Kang’s point.

  • “I defined to her that anti-Muslim sentiment was included in framing the motive in this case, and that Muslims can pick up on it, whereas a person like her, who hasn’t seasoned this kind of bigotry isn’t going to quite get it.”

Adnan Syed is behind bars for the murder of his previous girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

Other individuals argued that race just isn’t an problem.

  • “But how much does she want to ‘get’ in buy to accurately and extensively report a who-done-it, and to treat her subjects and their neighborhood with dignity and respect?” questioned Sarah Miller in Cafe , a digital news magazine.

Some even consider that the way Koenig noted the story could serve as a product for other reporters.

  • “Koenig has very consciously forefronted her ethno-cultural ignorance, the issues that compromise her as a reporter and an actor in this drama, in approaches that I consider very handful of white journalists pick to do,” wrote Quartz’s Jeff Yang.

The ultimate show was released this week and (spoiler inform!) no, we did not find out who did it.

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