Reasons Why Your Company Urgently Needs an SEO Business Plan


For a business blog, website, or advertising campaign to be effective and worth the cost and effort, it needs a dedicated, well-thought out SEO plan. It seems that many organisations do not have a dedicated SEO plan in place. Worse still, many toss their money to black-hat SEO sharks thinking they are the know-it-all of SEO, and many so-called SEO professionals rely on quick, usually illegal schemes, to give you immediate results to suck as much money from you as possible.

A real, lasting SEO plan for your business will take advantage of search engine compliant SEO practices which have a slow snowball effect and true results that don’t land your virtual real estate on the darkest pages of search results.

The percentage of companies without a clear cut and actionable SEO plan is startling. At least half of businesses wanting to break into the virtual market have little more than a circa 1990 website with little or no real value. The next 40 percent use some form of search engine illegal practices or are recovering from a poor black-hat SEO plan that landed them in the penalty box and a startling 10 percent have a decent functioning online real estate with a clear SEO plan.

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Matt Cutts, of Google, identifies the top five mistakes, by volume, business owners make in SEO. These include:

  1. Not having a website with a dedicated domain name or not allowing your site to be crawled by search engines.
  2. Not being able to reach all pages of your website via links on all pages.
  3. Not including the right words on the page. Your content needs to be relatable and the words you use need to be things people will actively search for.
  4. Not making everything plain text or not including pertinent company information. Make sure your content is extractable and easily seen by people and search engines.
  5. Not having contact information and business hours readily available

Let’s get into this in a little more detail. Obviously this is a good start to an actionable SEO plan, but here are ten steps you should take for an easy, clear cut SEO plan for your business.

A Ten-Step SEO Plan

  1. Identify your online direction or market niche in terms of people.
  2. Identify your product niche and understand where your products fit in the virtual world.
  3. Identify keywords, long tail keywords, and key statements people should use to find your products when searching as a human, not a computer.
  4. Look at what your online competition is doing and innovatively do better.
  5. Create value, in terms of content, people would gladly pay for and share readily.
  6. Listen to your customers and create actionable content that solves their needs.
  7. Duplicate only what works long-term.
  8. Rely on your site first, your social media second, and your advertisements third – in terms of sharing your message, and by extension your product.
  9. Keep up on SEO trends and search engine terms and conditions.
  10. Get involved in your online community on a regular basis.

Finally, the trap most companies fall into is being glued to their analytics or identifying progress only by sales. A healthy SEO plan that will grow your business needs to be brief, organic, and easy to implement. Remember to fuel long-term growth instead of short-term results. Develop a strategy and don’t be afraid to make changes when necessary.