10 Effective Tips on How to Write an Essay Fast

When you are required to write an essay, there are a lot of challenges you may encounter including a tight deadline. It is almost impossible not to get anxious when the deadline for submission is around the corner, and you are yet to start writing your essay. In such moments, people tend to explore how to finish an essay quickly. This guide will provide insight and relevant tips on how to write a good essay fast and meet your deadlines.

What is an essay?

An essay is a type of writing that explores a specific topic. There are chances that you dread writing long essays because of the amount of time and research that you have to put into it. Your fears are valid because sometimes, it can be a boring exercise.

Tips for writing an essay fast

We have included below a few tips to make writing fun and guide you in completing your essay without having to use any fast essay writing service.

  1. Embrace a positive mindset

Most times, it is easy to jump into work without creating time to deal with the fear, panic, and other feelings that may be counterproductive in the grand scheme of things. If you think that there is not enough time to deal with your feelings, then you already have proof that you need to renew your mind. It is important that you embrace calmness while focusing on the result because you are capable enough to complete the essay in time.

  1. Eliminate distractions

Distractions can be obstacles in taking up the challenge of how to write a long essay fast. It is recommended that you stay away from social media, your phone, and anything else that may be a distraction at the moment. When you sit in a quiet place, you are more likely to focus on essay writing.

  1. Understand the essay topic

You must understand what the goals are before you start writing an essay. It is easy to rush into writing but without knowing the goals, there are chances of starting afresh. The problem is not having to start afresh but the effect that has on the time which you would have spent on writing the essay.

  1. Schedule your time

It is important to know how much time you have to get your essay ready because that determines what becomes a priority. If your essay has to be submitted in less than a day, then you have to split the hours between brainstorming, outlining, writing and revision. Your schedule should also include a break period to enable you to refresh your mind and improve productivity.

  1. Gather materials

If you are interested in how to write a good essay fast, then you would be thrilled to know that gathering your materials before writing is a lifesaver. It affords you more time to write since the relevant information is stored in an easily accessible location.

  1. Use technology

Generally, people prefer typing because it is faster than having to handwrite your essay. It is advisable to type your essays using technological tools that are available in recent times. Besides, when you handwrite your essay before typing, it affects not only your speed but also your ability to edit the essay as your thoughts continue to form.

  1. Document your key points

Every essay has key points that validate the central theme, and for this reason, it is important to ensure that each paragraph contains a key point. It improves the quality of your essay.

  1. Prioritize your introduction and conclusion

It is easier to write the body of your essay than the introduction and conclusion, especially when you need more time to familiarize yourself with the topic. Nonetheless, it is essential that you give your introduction and conclusion adequate attention. Let your introduction have a hook that flows into the body of the essay and connects your readers with the conclusion.

  1. Avoid plagiarism

There are a lot of resources you can access on the internet but resist the urge to copy someone else’s essay because you will be caught. Plagiarism also affects your ability to appreciate the topic and form an independent opinion.

  1. Proofread with a voice reader

No matter how quickly you want to submit your essay, take time out to review your work for typographical or grammatical errors. You can speed things up by using an app to get an audio reading of your essay.


Back to the question: how fast can you write an essay? Pretty fast with paper written. You should be able to answer this question on your own. The tips above show you how to write an essay quickly. All you have to do is follow them.