How to Write a Classification Essay: Writing Process & Sample Topics

There is a potential that your capacity for categorization will be tested during your academic career. Despite the chance to develop their analytical and writing skills, the majority of college and high school students find the experience to be daunting. However, the writing process will be easier once you understand how to write a classification essay.

This guide offers topic suggestions to assist you in choosing categories for your essay as well as practical advice to help you get started on the essay.

What is a classification essay?

A classification essay is a formal form of writing that classifies subjects (ideas, things, or characters) into distinct categories or groups based on their shared characteristics.

Your classification essays ought to serve a purpose and showcase instances of the specific categories and groups you have identified in your paper. Notwithstanding the classification essay definition, it is similar to other types of essay writing in many ways. There are however some distinctive elements you must take into account in the course of writing the essay.

Tips on how to write a classification essay

Here are some pointers to help you with the writing process:

  1. Improve your categorizations

It is crucial to decide how you will approach your issue before selecting it. This is because some issues fall under more than one category, in which case you should decide based on your classification. Everything else in the essay writing process will be simple to organize if you can define your categories.

  1. Develop your thesis statement through research

Building your thesis statement requires research since it allows you to obtain evidence to back up your claims. To enhance the caliber of your essay, examine an example of a classification essay as you are creating your thesis statement.

  1. Structuring

A classification essay’s body normally consists of three paragraphs that give examples of the subject being classified. The introduction, essay body, and conclusion should all be included in a thorough outline for classification essays. Your thesis statement should be in your introduction, which should also explain the subject classification and its importance to your audience.

Additionally, it is essential to link the ideas in your conclusion to those in the introduction when writing your essay. You could include recommendations on the topic in your final paragraph in addition to presenting a summary.

  1. Choose a topic

The first stage in creating a classification essay is to decide what topic you want to classify. For instance, if you want to write about music, you might take into account the various subgenres like jazz, rock, or pop. When choosing your topic, do not exclude a category based on your personal preferences.

How to come up with good classification essay topics?

The foundation of a strong classification essay is choosing the appropriate topic, as your topic will determine whether or not people will read your essay. Your classification essay idea will make a good topic if it can be broken down into groups or categories. Further, classification essay ideas are expected to have a logical relationship between the components.

Notably, subjects can be grouped according to how they differ and how they are similar. However, in adopting a classification principle, avoid overlapping groups.

Most times, you may find it difficult to select a subject that is both simple to categorize and engaging for readers. The topic suggestions below should help you in deciding from a couple of classification essay topic ideas.

List of topics for classification essays

When you choose a creative and intriguing topic, you can craft compelling content that engages your readers. Here are some sample topics for your reference.

Best topics for classification essays

Let’s look at topics that can be easily categorized in your classification essay.

  1. Internet user patterns
  2. Internet-based learning materials
  3. Various musical subgenres
  4. Contemporary parenting techniques
  5. Public opinion on sports
  6. A variety of posts on social media

Easy classification essay topics

  1. Sportspersons’ motivational techniques
  2. Delicious breakfast choices
  3. Characteristics of elite institutions
  4. Relationship-building techniques
  5. Techniques for fostering personality in schools
  6. Strategies for calming down.
  7. Different types of school campuses

Interesting classification topics

  1. Types of relationships in marriage
  2. Educational learning components
  3. American civilization
  4. Fashionable sports
  5. Successful versus unsuccessful teachers
  6. Methods used in elementary education
  7. Meme varieties


Classification essays can be written by anyone, not just professionals. The time you invest in creating the essay topic and writing it will determine how well it is written. You can always refer to these tips for guidance on how to write your classification essay.

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