Essay About College Life: Easy Writing Guide for Students

Nothing prepares you for life in college with new people from different places and new experiences. For several persons, it can be compared to a paradox in the new chapter of their lives. It is that phase of your life where you gain independence and commits to creating memories that last a lifetime. Most times, you joggle between attending classes, defining your career path, partying, and other activities.

There are always activities on campus and students, you may be required to write a college experience essay. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, there is no need to fret. This guide gives you insight into how to write an essay on college that tops the rank.

What is an essay on college life experience?

Essays on college life experience is a writing in which you give your readers an insight into your days in college, the lessons learned, and the impact on your life choices. College days essay is one of the best ways to bring your personality, interest, and background together while telling a story unique to you. It does not have to be elaborate but it can bear the finest details while complying with the college essay format.

Guide for the best college experience essay

The tips below should help you get started on your essay writing journey:

  1. Understand the assignment

An essay on college life experience is not so different from other essay writing projects. This is because your understanding of the assignment influences your writing style. You can ask for clarifications when necessary to help you work better.

  1. Engage in a brainstorming session

You may be thinking, ‘why do I need to brainstorm to write a small essay on my college experience?’ It may be a ‘small essay’ but you would agree that there are tons of experiences that have made up your college life.

A brainstorming session will help you identify which experience is relevant to the essay. You may want to go through your photographs, journals, or even letters and messages from friends to enable you to create your story. This exercise will help you remember experiences that you may have forgotten over time.

  1. Write a story

The beauty of writing a college life essay is that there is no straightforward answer. You are allowed to write in first-person and the best way to keep your readers hooked is to start with a story. This is the best way to explore your creativity and bare your personality. You must however ensure that the story is important to the theme of the essay with lessons for your readers.

  1. Stay authentic

It is important that you embrace the mundane parts of your life because you have nothing to prove to anyone. Your readers are less interested in your accomplishments than they are in your personality. It is recommended that you stay honest and be yourself.

  1. Comply with the essay requirements

You should commit to ensuring that your essay meets the requirements. Generally, readers prefer when you write your college life essay in simple words. The less verbose your essay is, the more likely it is to make the A-list.


When writing a college life essay, your focus should be on how the experience made you feel, how it shaped you, the lessons you learned, the changes you had to make, and how that affects who you have become. It highlights your growth as a student and how that impacts your community and the campus. You never have to write an essay alone, explore useful resources and reach out to your mentors to bring out the best in your essay.

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