Beretta desires to be U.S. Army’s new gun. Yet again.


U.S. Army’s gun of option for thirty several years

The Italian gunmaker Beretta would like to be the U.S. Army’s regular-issue handgun a single far more time.

Beretta has been giving the Army with its M9 handgun for the very last 30 many years.

But the Army is now searching for a new gun and is holding a contest of sorts for gun makers.

Even so, Beretta is not heading to phase aside without a struggle. It is moving into the opposition with a new layout — the M9A3.

The new gun can maintain two more rounds than the M9, and has much more modular characteristics for including equipment, like scopes and lights, in accordance to Gabriele de Plano, vice president of military advertising and marketing and product sales at Beretta, a gunmaker with a long history that has been around given that 1526 .

M9A3 (pictured earlier mentioned) will come in a desert tone, while the M9 is black. The new gun has a “sand resistant” journal with a potential for 17 rounds. The firm stated the new guns would price much less than the existing types, but did not supply specifics of the price differential. In the civilian market, the M9 retails for about $ 550.

The Army’s decision to substitute its existing standard concern handgun is a unusual and rewarding occasion for the gun sector. It is been using the M9 since 1985, and the Marine Corps has employed a somewhat diverse version, known as the M9A1, considering that 2006.

Before the Beretta, the U.S. navy used the Colt M1911 semiautomatic pistol for a lot more than 80 many years .

So any organization that receives the deal could be performing company with the navy for a really lengthy time.

The Pentagon has invited gunmakers to submit styles for a “modular handgun system.”

Beretta has produced 600,000 M9s for the Department of Protection and is nonetheless underneath deal to generate yet another a hundred,000. The M9s were originally made in Italy, but they have been produced in the U.S. because 1987. Its U.S. factory is in Maryland but the firm ideas to transfer production to Tennessee to stay away from stricter gun regulations.

The bidding could get scorching. Smith &amp Wesson ( SWHC ) has explained it strategies to post a gun with a new design to the DOD, in conjunction with Basic Dynamics ( GD ) , which has a long-proven connection with the military as a contractor.

The organizations stated their sidearm will be based on the M&ampP pistol that Smith &amp Wesson has been generating for about 10 a long time. They stated the M&ampP is “effectively suited” to the DOD’s requirements for “functionality, dependability and toughness,” given its “bolstered polymer chassis, excellent ergonomics, ambidextrous controls and verified safety attributes.”

Trying to determine out what the Army would like is a little bit of a guessing game. The Military hasn’t specified key particulars. For example, it says the handgun prototypes can be compact or subcompact and can be any caliber. It would like “common” as nicely as “extended” magazine capacity.

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